Take A Ride With Blonde CoEd Megan Michaels

The wild side of Megan Michaels

Go for a wild ride with extreme sports loving Megan Michaels from Playboy Student Bodies! From skydiving to drag racing Megan Michaels likes to live life on the edge. Check out Megan as she strips and gets naughty in a hot sports car. For this this wild college girl nothing is too outrageous. Aside from being an extreme sports lover Megan Michaels is also gifted with a perfect body. At 5’8″, we’re talking long sexy legs, tight ass and amazingĀ  34D breasts and at 22 years old everything is tight and perky.

A gorgeous blonde college girl who loves to live on the wildside, what more could you ask for. You know at Playboy you’re always going to get the hottest CoEd’s on the planet.

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